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Free Booklet


A free booklet

by Max Amichai Heppner


Nazi thievery still lives!  Beneficiaries of Nazi loot got up this morning surrounded by stolen goods, as they have done every morning for 60 years.  Apparently some art lovers are unhindered by guilt over the venue of their possessions.  

Art stolen from my father’s dealership should have been recovered long ago. This hasn’t happened, despite my family’s broad connections in the art world.  We have contacted every imaginable agency involved in recovering stolen art, but we are still looking for four valuable paintings.  All were done by well-recognized classical artists, like Pacheco’s “Portrait of a Bishop”

pictured here.

I’m writing this book to get your help in finding and recovering this stolen art.  I want to unmask the people who deceitfully or naively still enjoy the fruits of Nazi art theft.  I appeal to anyone who may have seen the pilfered art to come forward--openly or anonymously--so we can put to rest my sense of outrage that Nazi theft still flourishes.

I invite you, right now, to take a look at the photographs of the looted, unrecovered art (one above, and three below). Whether you are an art collector--or just the friend or a neighbor--or if you visit museums, I ask you to please look sharp. Help me write the unfinished final chapter of this book--to complete the overall theme which shows how ordinary people can successfully foil rapacious Nazis.

When you start reading the main part of my story, you’ll see how my father resisted the Nazi art thieves from the day they first burst into our home looking for loot.  And how my father’s resistance continued until the day he drew his last breath.  He kept us alive throughout the Nazi era, that was his first priority. 

However, once he was sure he had saved his little family from the gas chambers, he began the mission to preserve and restore what he could of his once flourishing art business.  Sadly, he died before he could achieve any results.  So you can see why I won’t rest until I reach the end of his uncompleted mission.



The four photographs of classical art reproduced below were professionally made around 1940 by Mr. A. Bijl, Hoofdweg 73, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who was the official photographer for my father‘s art business.  These four paintings were taken from the showroom in my family home at Noorder Amstel-laan 113, III Amsterdam-South about November 1941.  They were inventoried for confiscation by the Amsterdam police on “orders from higher authority,” placed under official seal, and carried off by Nazi agents.             






"View of a Castle" by Jan  van der Heyden.  Oil on wood, 33 cm. x 40 cm. (certif. Robert Eigenberger, Vienna.  Catalog excerpt available.

"Youth Drinking Wine" by Nicolaes Koedijk.  Size:  62 cm. x 80 cm.

"Ship wtih Broken Mast" by Herman Saftleven.  Oil on wood:  41 cm. x 67 c.m. (Provenance:  A. Smit, Amsterdam.  Certif. Bredius)

Copyright 2007-2011. Heppner Books. All rights reserved.


"Portrait of a Bishop” by Francisco Pacheco, image near life size, oil on canvas.  Has crest on the back.  Dimensions, 54 x 46 cm.