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"Sefirot” is based on the premise that through meditation you can access seven powerful, often greatly underused sources of spiritual energy.  The Kabbalah calls these energy sources “Sefirot” and calls them the structure of the Tree of Life; Sefirot parallel the “chakras” described by the yogis and they match in number the seven days of the week.  If you concentrate on one of the Sefirot each day, you can recapture your God-given birthright in the form of a fully actualized life.  Used together synergistically and pursued consistently can help you attain your full human potential.  This handbook guides you through the week with a meditation based on one of the Sefirot.



Good morning!  It is Sunday and we’re ready to start a new week.  How far have we come?  How high did we rise since last Sunday?  Remember the God-connection of Ketter from Shabbat?  Today we celebrate the human connection of Malchut, which starts our week anew.  All is well in my world.

Sefirah:  Malchut (Mawl-chóót) “Kingdom, or Governance.”

Location:  Base of the spine.  (Some Kabbalistic writers see the energy of Malchut operating all the way down the legs, to the tips of the toes.)

Color:  Red.

Theme:  I am.  I am in touch.

Release:  I have every right to be fully alive.


All is perfect, I am loved

All is clear, and I am holy.

I can govern and reach out

To my world and all creation.

I see good in all that lives

And grant each some extra merit.

All is perfect!


I am very much aware of my place in the world and my connection to it.  I am the King of my Kingdom, the Governor of my life.  I will not just design and furnish my throne room, but I will walk into the world outside and spread my talents among the people in my life. 

Mantra:  Breathe in being, breathe out life.


“Omer” is based on the ancient practice of connecting deeply with each day of the Omer, the name for a period of 50 days between Passover and Shevuot (which means “the feast of the seven weeks”).  It parallels a lesser known Christian practice of honoring the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost (which means “50 days”).  The handbook couples the traditional blessing for each of the 50 Omer days with a story from Jewish lore that promotes living the fulfilled life.  The stories are selected to match the Kabbalistic practice of permutating the number of each day with the order of the week in which it occurs.


COUNT FOR THE SEVENTH DAY:   Seventh Blessing, "Majesty in Mercy"

Malchut sh'b'Chesed (Mawl-choot shah bah Chess-ed) is personified by the eagle, the King of Birds.  Jewish lore is filled with imagery using the royal bird as metaphor for the compassion of the King of the World, our caring God.  God is pictured as sheltering His people under His wings; and as rescuing His people on eagle wings to restore them from exile to the Holy Land [Ex. 19:4]. 

This imagery was brought to life in the rescue of Yemeni Jews in 1950.  The newly launched Israeli  air force was given the task of evacuating Jewish residents of Yemen who were subjected to worsening persecution by local Arabs ater the establishment of the State of Israel.  The Jewish Yemenites, although quite ready to depart, were frightenend when confronted by the large cargo planes that came to fetch them.  They never had seen an airplane on the ground at all.

A quick-thinking airman wisely solved the problem.  He cited the "wings of eagles" passage, with which the Bible-trained Yemenites were quite familiar, and then, pointing at the cargo planes, he announced:  "Look, these are the eagles!  Just enter under their wings as it says in Torah."  Reassured, the Yemenites boarded, literally convinced by the Majesty in Mercy.

Baruch ata adonay, eloheynu Melech ha-Olam, asher kid'shanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha-Omer. 

Blessed are You, God and King of All, who makes us holy by directing us on the path by counting the days of the Omer.  Today is the 7th day of the Omer, which completes the first week of the Omer.



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