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I’m Max Amichai Heppner, a retired public information specialist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  From 1965 to 1994, I produced press releases, pamphlets, speeches, and visuals about farms and farming.

Now that I’m retired, I record my history and thoughts.  My principal product is a book, “I Live in a Chickenhouse.”  It tells of my escape from the ghetto in Amsterdam during the Holocaust, and my being saved by a loving Catholic farm family in the south of the country. 

The book is freely available; to promote it, I specifically target schools and colleges that study the Holocaust and relevant museums, such as the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

The Chickenhouse book also was published in Dutch and German.  A Swiss playwright also turned it into a theater play, which is shown throughout German-speaking Europe.  An English version of the play, also titled, “I Live in a Chickenhouse,” is in the works, and a movie producer is considering a film version.

My story of survival also was told in a video, which features people and places in the Netherlands that figure in the story.  Now in available in DVD format, the video is called “Rediscovering My Childhood.”

You will find details about these and other written and visual projects on this website.  Enjoy the exploration.

Max Amichai Heppner


Welcome to Heppnerbooks

My work includes:

·        Promoting Holocaust education

·        Writing books and producing videos about my escape from the Holocaust

·        Recovering art treasures stolen by the Nazis

·        Kabbalah and meditation

·        Jewish Renewal and other innovations in Jewish practice and lore

                                   ORDERING INFORMATION

                   TITLE                             HOW TO ORDER                         COST

“I Live in a Chickenhouse”                Click to Purchase            $25 (€15) plus postage

“Ik woon in een kippenhok”              Click to Purchase                €14.90 plus postage

“Ich wohne in einem “Hühnerhaus”   Click to Purchase              €14.90 plus postage

“Rediscovering My Childhood”          Email Me                       $15 (€10) plus postage

“Op zoek naar mijn kinderjaren”        Email Me                       $15 (€10) plus postage

“Sefirot”                                               Email Me                          $15 plus postage

“Omer”                                                Email Me                           $15 plus postage

“Nazi Art Theft--Still Unsolved”        Click to Order                    Free, on line